Branded Faith customised leather iPhone case

Do you take custom orders?

Yes I do, but only a few times a year. I advertise on my social media pages when they will open and take orders over Facebook Messenger or Instagram messages. They normally fill within an hour of me opening though so you do have to get in quick.

Do you accept returns?

Not on custom items, as they have been created specifically for one person. It is extremely important to make sure all details including sizing and design requests are correct when placing your order. I do accept returns on ready-to-ship items provided they are not marked or used at all.

How do I care for my leather product?

Please go to our leather care page for advice on how to maximise the life of your leather item.

Why do prices vary so much?

Prices vary depending on the design and colouring of items, one design decision can add or reduce the time it takes to make an item so the price changes to coincide with those decisions.

How come everything is more expensive than imported tooled leather?

I pay myself an hourly rate. Many of the ‘genuine tooled leather’ items you see in boutiques are mass produced in factories in third world countries where the makers are paid very little, and the end retail price in Australia wouldn’t even cover my time to make the item, let alone the materials and profit etc. So, buying direct from the maker ensures you are buying something ethically produced and made. I try to keep my prices as low as I can, and for this reason you will rarely see my items retailing in another store as I don’t put enough profit on to be able to wholesale to someone else to then add their markup. You will also very rarely see a sale on my leather items for the same reason.