Leather Care

Leather is such an incredible natural material (in my opinion the best as it’s just so versatile). As it gets older it will darken and form its own patina, but I honestly believe leather only gets better with age when looked after properly.

Below is a list of helpful hints to help maximise the life of your leather item.

  • Avoid getting your item wet. Water dries the leather out and a heavy soaking can also penetrate under the sealer I use and cause the dye to run. However if you do accidentally get it wet, allow it to dry in the shade on it’s own and make sure you give it a good condition afterwards with a high quality leather conditioner - this will help restore its pliability and its moisture resistance.
  • The sealer I use doesn’t really allow oil through, however I do recommend using a leather conditioner regularly to help your item maintain its moisture resistance. I personally use Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner.
  • The more sun your item sees the darker it will go, so if you want to keep it light in colour, avoid long exposure to the sun.

If something breaks that you believe is not from improper use or general wear and tear, please make sure you get in touch so I can help sort out what to do, or so I can fix it. With a bit of love and care your item should last for many years to come.

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